Many times during training of your new alarm system only the basic features are explained. We want to make sure you know how to arm and disarm without over whelming you with too much info. One arming feature that I really like, and is often over looked, is INSTANT. This arming mode works like STAY mode, in the sense that you can be moving inside your home while it is set. INSTANT arms the perimeter (doors, windows, glass breaks), but removes the delay from your entry doors. It also deactivates the interior sensors, ie. motion detectors. In other words, when you arm in INSTANT you have no delay when the entry door (or any delay door) is tripped, the alarm goes off immediately. A perfect time to use INSTANT is in the evening when you aren’t expecting anyone to be leaving or entering your home. The biggest advantage to INSTANT is that if your home is breached while you are asleep, there will be no delay. No need to give the burglar 30-60 seconds, the siren will instantly sound.

Here is a quick guide to arming in INSTANT.

Please note: these instructions are for the Vista Series Honeywell panel and keypad.

1. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed (or bypassed if you are leaving one open) and you have a green ready light.

2. Press your 4 digit Code + 7. Example 1 2 3 4 7

See this quick YouTube video –

Hope this helps explain INSTANT mode and that you will begin to use this feature.

As always, if you need more training or have any questions, call our office during normal business hours for help. M-F 8-5pm.


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