I haven’t figured out if crime in the last month or so has actually increased dramatically, or if social media channels push it out to make it seem like it has. Either way, our company has seen for itself an increase as of late from our customers, new and existing.

A new customer, now since her break in, shared a her story with us. It really shook me up.

She was home, alone, and in the shower. Her Rottweiler ran out of the room barking and growling. When she got out of the shower, realizing it wasn’t her husband coming home, she saw her back door forced open and her purse exploded. Her thought was that her dog scared them away while grabbing her purse which explains the mess.

Many things could have gone wrong including her dog being hurt or killed. Not to mention her own life safety. So I have been circling on how to help prevent and deter this situation.

We already are using perimeter protection sensors. But now, I see them in a new light as another form of protection. I have them installed in my house because of recent events.

Wireless Perimeter Protection in the form of a Photoelectric Detector (pew pew pew) aka Photo Beams, are my new favorite. They are capable of reaching 100ft to 300+, wirelessly, and work on Lithium batteries. We have proven success in deterring theft, vandalism and graffiti using these in homes and businesses.

Here is how they work. They come in a set. One device is set opposite the other and 2 photoelectric beams run between them. When the beam is broken the alarm goes off. There are two beams per set so we can set the sensitivity level appropriate for the location. For instance when we place them on a roof to protect A/C units, birds often fly on the roof and can false the alarm. The sensitivity is changed by speed of motion, in milliseconds, for example a bird will be in the beam sight for a shorter time then lets say a human.

So how does this apply to our customer who was broken into while in the shower? Using beams around the perimeter of your home, mainly the backyard, will offer another layer of protection. When someone jumps your fence, or crosses the perimeter line set by the beams, the alarm will go off. We always encourage to pair the beams with an exterior siren with a strobe light. That way when the intruder breaks the beam line, they can hear and see that they have set the alarm off. It is very, VERY loud.

There are many ways to program the way the beams work with the alarm. Too many to list. But one popular for homeowners specifically is to have a partitioned alarm just for the beams. This will allow you to have them on 24 hours, regardless of how your home alarm is armed or not. It will also be possible to disarm them separately if needed, such as for a gardener or back yard BBQ.

On a final note, please always arm your alarm. Even, and especially if you are home alone or in for the night. And please consider using beams to protect the outside perimeter of your home or business.

Here is a list of current uses and applications of the beams.

Copper theft

A/C theft

Freon theft

Pool Equipment theft

Prevent Graffiti

Prevent Vandalism

Protect a Construction Yard

Protect a Parking Lot

Alley Way Protection

Vacant Building Perimeter

Backyard Protection

Roof Access Protection

Vacant Land Protection

Call for more info and for more specific ways beams can help your situation.


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