What is Access Control?

Access control allows for the limiting of access in/out of a door or access point using locking hardware and different types of readers. By controlling access to your home or business, you are able to enhance safety by giving the appropriate people access where they need it.

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Why Brantley Access Control?

Our team at Brantley Security Systems strives to keep your homes and businesses as secure as possible. At Brantley Security Systems, we offer server and cloud-based software to manage users and view activity. You can grant access with cards, key fobs, QR codes, numerical codes, Bluetooth, and biometrics. Send access via mobile phone, no fob or card needed. You can also limit access to specific doors, during specific days and/or hours. Our modern technology allows for you to control your home or business the way you want to, effortlessly. Convenience and Security with smart, customizable, mobile access and control.

Easy Access To Your Security Alarm.

We believe that you should be able to access your system in seconds. With cloud-based software, you are able to access your system remotely for a monthly fee. This easy access will allow you to manage your system and its users when away, in a matter of seconds.


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