My home was broken into 3 months ago. He stole our belongings, trashed my bedroom and broke 2 of our windows. I have heard that a burglary in your home makes you feel violated and unsafe in your own space. But until now I had no idea what that might feel like nor did I have anything to compare it to. Now I do, unfortunately. In some aspects the burglary could have been worse. We could have been home, more things could have been stolen, or my pets could have been hurt or killed. I guess in some ways we are lucky. We are also fortunate to have the camera system that we do, which is what ultimately caught and convicted him. We have been told by the detectives, D.A., and several others involved with the case, that our cameras were very helpful and their jobs would be easier with more video of that quality. With that being said, there are things he stole that we can’t get back. Our peace of mind, our sense of safety (false or not), our sanity and another chink in our faith in humanity. I don’t think that I speak only for myself when I say that I am more aware of my surroundings than ever. I look at every face, every car, every person walking suspiciously down the street. We have added to our security system, set it religiously and never doubt that something bad can happen at any time, to anyone. My pleasant dreams and deep sleep have been replaced with nightmares and insomnia. We always carry a gun (we do have a license to do so). To say it lightly our lives are forever changed.

So how do we move on and live without suspicion, biases, doubt in humanity and with a general sense of safety? We don’t. We have seen a glimpse of the dark and are determined to do anything in our power to avoid it again at any cost. Everyday we are questioning people and their intensions, but we also get to see the good hearted. Everyday we are viscerally aware of our surroundings but find comfort when everything is ok. I have a new sense of responsibility to the work we do. I also have a new compassion for our customers that have experienced what we have.

I am going to appreciate that we are all okay. I am going to be proud of the work we do helping customers feel safe and protecting what’s rightfully theirs. I am going to take my new sense of awareness and use it as a gift. I am trusting in my ability to see the silver lining. I am now more than ever thankful for the good people in our lives.


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