I came across this article from a few weeks back about packages being stolen from peoples front door while they are not home. I am fortunate that I ship everything to my office, and my office only gets packages during normal business hours so nothing is ever left outside of the building. It made me wonder how people that have to work during the day can have anything shipped to their house without the fear of it being stolen. And let’s face it, the time frames are too broad to just run home on lunch break. Besides having things delivered to another address where there is someone home all day, or an office, what can we do? My initial thought is cameras, however, just like a home without an alarm, you are only watching the crime happen after the fact. In most outdoor protection cases we use an outdoor motion detector and/or beam set. I think this is a great way to keep burglars off your property, but then how do you get a delivery with out setting off the alarm? I think I have the perfect solution!

You need to start with an alarm system and a front door camera. The alarm also has to have a cellular communicator and Total Connect. Next, you have to purchase an outdoor motion detector to cover the area that you receive packages, ie. your front door. We can set the motion detector to send you a text when it senses motion, but it will not trigger the alarm. You can look at the camera, (or receive text clips from the camera when there is motion) and see who or what passed the motion sensor. You will know when your package arrived, and/or if someone else comes to take it. Via Total Connect, not only will it send you text notifications of the motion sensor but you can also make the siren of your alarm go off manually from the app or computer site. The siren of your alarm is usually a great deterrent. If not, you can at least have the immediate knowledge of the event and can proceed with it however you wish. Call a neighbor, call the police etc.

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Stay safe, and remember to arm your alarm.


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