Recently I have noticed a new link when I log on to my Total Connect from my iPhone, “Take a Test Drive”. This is a really cool demo. If you download the Total Connect 2.0 app., it is the BLUE one, you don’t need an account or log in. This is not on the iPad app, and I don’t have a droid or windows phone so you’ll have to let me know if they have the test drive.

Once you click on Take a Test Drive you will have the choice to see My Home or My Business.

On both you will see the Security tab open. You can Arm Away or Arm Stay and Disarm. The only difference from this Total Connect and your active Total Connect is that you will have to enter your code after you touch each command with your active Total Connect.

On the top right there is a clickable “Keypad”. This will let you see exactly what you see when you are in front of your keypad at home. Here you can do everything you could from home, arm/disarm/bypass/add codes/delete codes etc.

On the bottom there are 5 options. Security, Video, Automation, Events and More. Each are clickable.

The Video tab allows you view up to 4 cameras of your choice from your system. Either Total Connect designated cameras or your Brantley Security cameras with a converter and WAP. (call for more info) Total Connect Cameras will only record video clips when there is motion, and the clips can be sent to you when they happen. The clips are also stored under your events tab. The amount of clips saved depends on your storage capacity choice. Cameras with a DVR will record on the DVR and will have their own APP to live view and watch history, if they are from us. The convenience of Total Connect is designating 4 cameras to view when you are logged in to Total Connect with out having to go to another APP.

The Automation tab will show all of your Z-wave and other automation devices. You can turn on/off/dim lights, open/close window shades, open/close the garage door, unlock/lock the door, adjust the thermostat, and even turn on a water valve (hook to your main in case of a flood, that alerts you from your flood sensor in your kitchen, laundry room or water heater) or pool pump.

The Events tab will show you all of your history. Alarm events, camera clips and automation events are all viewable form here.

The More tab gives you some advanced option and allows you to pause your notifications.

All of these features are also available to you when you log into your account on the computer.

If don’t have Total Connect 2.0, this is a great way to check it out. They are continually adding new features and devices.

For those of you that have Total Connect 1.0, the red app., try out 2.0 and let us know if you are wanting to upgrade. Chances are your cellular communicator will need to be replaced with the 2G sunset in 2016 anyway so this is a great time to add some new features and keep your system up to date.

Comment and let me know what you think of the Test Drive.


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